Last updated: Sep 18th, 2018


I have found a bug what do I do?

If you have found a bug firstly we are sorry if this has caused you any problems. Secondly please create a new issue on Github here: https://github.com/nibblebits/marble/issues and we will solve your problem as fast as we can. If you think you can solve the issue yourself feel free to create a new pull request and it will be reviewed.

How do I install Marble?

You can install Marble by following our beginners guide: Starters Guide

I am referencing classes and methods that should exist but do not?

Marble is a case-sensitive language. Please ensure your caseing matches that of the API. If this does not solve your problem it is possible you do not have a library installed that holds these classes and methods. Firstly attempt to upgrade your system using an "apt-get update" and then finally an "apt-get upgrade". If your problem is still not resolved you can view all installed and loaded modules by using "marble -v". Please also check your configuration settings at: /etc/marble. Ensure that the correct library is loaded that holds the classes and methods you are trying to reference. If you are unsure then please delete your configuration files at /etc/marble then uninstall Marble finally reinstall the latest version of Marble everything should then work and you will have updated configuration files.

What makes Marble different than other programming languages?

Marble's most promising point is its powerful permission system. The Marble programming language allows you to limit the permissions of any scope in your program. This allows you to prevent third party software you are loading from doing certian things such as deleting the base application. Think Wordpress, in Wordpress PHP has the same privileges for the Wordpress content management system as it does for its plugins. This is dangerous as it means one bad Wordpress plugin can destory your Wordpress website. If Wordpress was written in Marble this would not be possible as Wordpress could limit what its plugins could do. Think of when you download a mobile application on your phone and it asks to use your contacts and send SMS? Well if Wordpress was written in Marble, Wordpress could say this plugin you are installing wants to create new pages on your website do you allow this? You can say yes or no and the Wordpress plugin will be bound to those permissions.

Another great point about Marble is that its entirely strictly typed meaning cleaner code

The Marble project solely relies on one person so donations would be greatly appreciated to help keep Marble strong

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