Request Class extending Object

/ This is the Request class it is responsible for getting http request information from the web client when running a marble script in apache2. You can access the object directly in a static way. For example Request.getMethod() /

Class Methods

Returns the URI for this HTTP request

function getUri() : string

Returns the HTTP request method for this HTTP request

function getMethod() : string

Returns the "POST" content for this HTTP request

function getContent() : PostContent

Returns the cookie with the given name. Empty string is returned if no cookie was found.

function getCookie(string cookieName) : string

Returns the header value with the given name for the header sent from the web client to the web server.
Available since v0.3.0

function getHeader(string header_name) : string

Returns the protocol such as HTTP or HTTPS

function getProtocol() : string

Returns the file upload content for this HTTP request

function getFileContent() : FileContent

Returns the IP address of the person who is connected to your apache server issueing a request on this script

function getRequesterIP() : string