MysqlDriver Class extending SQLDriver

/ This is the MysqlDriver it can be used to connect to a MysqlServer and execute statements /

Class Methods

Constructs this MysqlDriver

function __construct() : void

Connects to the provided MysqlServer based on the host, username, password and database provided.
Once connected to the database returns a SQLConnection representing the connection to this database

function connect(string host, string username, string password, string database) : SQLConnection

Executes the given query for the connection and statement. The statement also holds the query.
This function can be ignored if you are not implementing a SQLDriver the reason for this is because it is automatically called when
executing a SQLStatement

function execute(SQLConnection connection, SQLStatement statement, string query) : SQLResult

Escapes the provided value and return the escaped string, securing against SQL Injection.
Note this function is also accessible from SQLConnection and is easier to use. We recommend using the escape method within the SQLConnection class

function escape(SQLConnction connection, string value) : string