Mail Class extending Object

/ The Mail class is a pure abstract class that all mail senders should extend. /

Class Methods

Sets the recipient of this email

function setTo(string recipient_email) : void

Sets the from address for this email

function setFrom(string from_email) : void

Sets the CC for this email

function setCc(string cc_email) : void

Sets the subject for this email

function setSubject(string subject) : void

Sets the body for this email

function setBody(string body) : void

Tells this Mail client to use a header
do "Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii" if you wish for this email to be html.
Headers are appended after any Multipart file data

function useHeader(string header_value) : void

Gets the recipient of this email

function getTo() : string

Gets the sender of this email

function getFrom() : string

Gets the Cc of this email

function getCc() : string

Gets the subject of this email

function getSubject() : string

Gets the body of this email

function getBody() : string

Creates a clone of the user defined SMTP headers set for this Mail client and returns a Vector of string for those values

function getHeaders() : string

Returns the email string formatted to how it should be sent directly to the SMTP server.
It includes SMTP headers along with the message body

function getTranscript() : string

Sends the email. This method should be overrided by any email handler

function send() : void